Privacy Policy

Somers Congregational Church Information Privacy Policy

Website Access

Information we collect about visitors (i.e. basic IP address / date / time site access logging) is not used to personally identify anyone, and may be used for statistical purposes.

Newsletters Sent via Email

Periodically the church sends newsletter Emails to persons subscribed to receive them.  If you receive and open Email messages sent from the church, the new Email service provider (ConstantContact) may use tracking beacons and cookies to identify your use of the message, including links followed.  This information is used to refine future Email campaigns.

EMails are sent in compliance with Spam Laws detailed in the United States’ CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.  Specifically, straightforward unsubscribe processes are contained in each email sent out via the provider.

External Links

Our website users and Email recipients assume their own risk clicking on any external web links contained in this website or in EMails.  We cannot verify the entire contents of any externally linked website.

Social Media Platforms

Participation in external social media platforms that the church appears upon is done at the user’s own risk.  User content shared on those platforms is governed by their respective privacy and security policies.  Social media users are advised to use caution when sharing their personal information on such platforms; users wishing to discuss sensitive matters are encouraged to reach the church via telephone (860-763-4021) or email (

Revised 09/10/2018

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